The 100 Meter Dash is one of the events Marina participates in during The Day Of. The player must dash as fast as they can to the finish line before the other players do. This event is one of the more difficult of the Day of Events, as using the C-Buttons to dash will not move Marina fast enough to win the race. The player must use the D-Pad with double-tap to dash fast enough to win the race. All racers, Marina included, are strictly prohibited from jumping, so Marina can't use her Slide Jump at all to get ahead. The same applies to the 200 Meter Dash and 400 Meter Dash.

Golden Gem

This event is the only one to house a Golden Gem. The Gold Gem is not hidden in the conventional sense, being awarded at the completion of the level. However, Marina must complete the 100 Meter Dash in under 11 seconds to receive the Gem. The trick is to time the start of the race just right to get in enough milliseconds to make it under 11 seconds. To make getting the Gem a bit easier, the trick is that after the "Set" disappears, the player can repeatedly pause the game and keep an eye out for the "Go!!!" display and just as soon as it appears as the player pauses the game, they can get ready to resume the game and immediately start dashing. They must keep up speed until they cross the finish line; this increases the chances of reaching the goal in under 11 seconds and receiving the Golden Gem.

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