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This is the fifth level in Mischief Makers, stage 1:5 in the Planet Clancer region.


A female Clancer is worried because her children aren't coming home for dinner.. She asks Marina if she will help her.


Marina must find all three children and bring them back to the lady's house.


Well, it's dinner time, and the 3 Clancer Kids aren't home yet. The idea is to find each one, and bring them back (throw them into ) the house. Go right from when you start, and you'll see the first one standing on two brown blocks. Jump up there, and he'll jump to another stack. and another, if you approach. Grab him in the middle of one of his jumps, and bring him back. Try to not fall in the fire. Now, go back to where you caught Clancer #1. See an orange clanball? Shake it! Now, keep goign right, until you see a green clanball spring. This is what appeared by shaking the orange clanball. Boost up on the spring, and grab the one that is wiating at the height of your jump. Pull it back all the way, and you'll land on a platform of blue and green blocks. Jump from there onto the one made of orange and grey. Clancer #2 is here, jumping over the spike balls, grab him in the air, and bring him back, and pop him into the house. Past the first spring you used to reach the second clancer, are two spike balls. Jump over both, and keep going right. You'll see the third clancer. Try to chase him and grab him, ad he runs, and jumps from platform to platform - If he gets to the top, he'll jump to the bottom and keep going. You should be able to catch him with your dash. When your done, bring him back to the house too.

Golden Gem:[]

After you return all three Clancer Kids to the house, the mother will mention something about her husband being missing as well. This is your hint that there's something else to do in the level.

Head back to the first spring coil, and shake it to the right. It will go at an angle, to the right. Pull it back as much as possible, and push off of it, boosting up and right the top, just as you are about to fall - you should land on a blue block. Jump up to the green blocks, and go right. Theres a cylinder-shaped block, with a sparkle; You can pull a clanbomb from it. Grab the clanball, and boost back off this roof, quickly, and head to where you chased the third clancer. Dash up the paths, until you reach the red bombable blocks. The father clancer is behind them. Give him a shake-shake and he'll drop the yellow gem. Note: You don't get anything for bringing him back to the house.