This is stage 4-3, the third level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Aster's Lair region.


The parents from 3 Clancer Kids are back, and it looks like they've been busy since last time. Their now seven kids have managed to get themselves lost, and it's up to you to find them once again.


Find the Seven Clancer kids. Each kid has been transformed by Calina. You must defeat the evil form before the kid becomes normal.


Start the level by going up. Do some fights until you get to the warp gate. Those "ropes" are a map of the level. The star's position shows where the warp gate is going to take you. Use this to quickly find the rest of the kids.

There are three forms the kids will take: a "blaster" (2), a giant clanpot (3), and a spike spinner (2).

The Blaster is the easiest form to fight. It will move left and right, stop, and blast the ground, digging up rocks. Simply standing between the blasters and spamming B+Up is enough to quickly dispatch it.

The Spike Spinner is also easy to fight. Just time the grab right to grab a bomb instead of a spike, and throw it at it. Do this for all the bombs and you win.

The Giant Clanpot is the most difficult to fight, and there are three of them throughout the level. This form will spam falling objects covered in flames at random. the objects are mainly rocks, red gems, and green gems. You can grab a flaming object to remove the flames. Grab it again to throw it. You get the idea. A good strategy here is to wait for one to fall on you, de-flame it, grab it, and knife kick (Down+A) up in the air to throw it at the enemy. This is good because you're less likely to miss, and because while throwing, you have a couple brief frames of invincibility.

Golden Gem:Edit

After defeating Sarie (the purple clancer kid) who was hidden in the farthest chamber on the right-hand side of the area (clanpot), Marina can shake him before talking to him to receive the golden gem.