Aster's Lair is the fourth region in Mischief Makers. Marina must traverse a series of caves in order to save the Clancers' King Aster. It has eleven stages.

Opening:[edit | edit source]

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Area Themes and Elements:[edit | edit source]

Aster's Lair consists of all cave levels. They focus primarily on fighting bosses such as a frog and a mole, playing as Teran, the hero with the blood of the Blockman while Marina is out of commission for two levels, and performing tedious tasks for the senile King Aster.

Stages:[edit | edit source]

These are the stages of the Aster's Lair area.

Title[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

4-1: Rolling Rock!! Marina is chased deep into the caves by a rolling boulder.
4-2: Toadly Raw!! Marina battles a giant frog.
4-3: 7 Clancer Kids Seven young Clancers have transformed and Marina must save them.
4-4: Rescue! Act 1 Play as Teran while he seeks a means of healing Marina.
4-5: Rescue! Act 2 Play as Teran while he battles the evil Calina.
4-6: TARUS!! Marina goes head to head with Tarus, a gorilla like boss.
4-7: Ghost Catcher! King Aster has Marina catch thirteen ghosts so that Clancers will not be afraid.
4-8: Aster's Tryke! King Aster sends Marina to fetch his lost tricycle.
4-9: Moley Cow!! A sleepy mole is ruthlessly defeated by Marina.
4-10: Aster's Maze A final maze which Marina must traverse using letters and warpstars.
4-11: SASQUATCH b Marina again fights Tarus, and this time he has his Sasquatch beta machine.
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