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Aster's Lair is the fourth region in Mischief Makers. Marina must traverse a series of caves in order to save the Clancers' King Aster. It has eleven stages.


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Area Themes and Elements:[]

Aster's Lair consists of all cave levels. They focus primarily on fighting bosses such as a frog and a mole, playing as Teran, the hero with the blood of the Blockman while Marina is out of commission for two levels, and performing tedious tasks for the senile King Aster.


These are the stages of the Aster's Lair area.



4-1: Rolling Rock!! Marina is chased deep into the caves by a rolling boulder.
4-2: Toadly Raw!! Marina battles a giant frog.
4-3: 7 Clancer Kids Seven young Clancers have transformed and Marina must save them.
4-4: Rescue! Act 1 Play as Teran while he seeks a means of healing Marina.
4-5: Rescue! Act 2 Play as Teran while he battles the evil Calina.
4-6: TARUS!! Marina goes head to head with Tarus, a gorilla like boss.
4-7: Ghost Catcher! King Aster has Marina catch thirteen ghosts so that Clancers will not be afraid.
4-8: Aster's Tryke! King Aster sends Marina to fetch his lost tricycle.
4-9: Moley Cow!! A sleepy mole is ruthlessly defeated by Marina.
4-10: Aster's Maze A final maze which Marina must traverse using letters and warpstars.
4-11: SASQUATCH β Marina again fights Tarus, and this time he has his Sasquatch beta machine.