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This is stage 4-10, the tenth level in the Aster's Lair region that Marina Liteyears travels through and the last before the area's boss.


King Aster tells Marina that this is the last area before battling Sasquatch. He tells you must find the right gates to go through.


Find the way out of the maze. The maze is compiled of 16 numbered gates. First eight numbers green and first eight numbers red. When you reach Red Gate Eight you have completed the level.


For the quickest way to navigate the maze: From your starting position grab the star next to the Green 1. Go left and fall down the pit, then go right and grab the star next to the Green 3. Grab the Red 4 star. Walk left and jump over the pit with the Ms. Hint; grab the star to transport to the other side of the barricade, then go left and grab the Green 5 star. Grab the Red 1 star. Walk left and fall down the pit, then go right and grab the Red 7 star. Grab the Green 8 star.

Finally, talk to the clancer next to the Red 8 and he will congratulate you and tell you to enter the pit to face Sasquatch β. Jump down the hole to complete the level.

A screenshot of the "map" directly to the right of Green 1. It is edited to show the paths to both the gem (yellow) and the exit (green).

Golden Gem:[]

Marina can find the Gold Gem right by warp number 4 in the green section of the stage. Nearby there is one of the many clancers giving hints and directions. Shake him and he will drop the gem.