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This is stage 4-8, the eighth level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Aster's Lair region. It is also, perhaps, the oddest level in the game.


"Where are we now? Did you find my favorite Tricycle?" asks the senile King Aster, standing at the edge of a precipice for no good reason. Although Marina is at first nowhere in sight, the camera immediately changes to her on a path of blocks over a subterranean lake. A child's tricycle is before her, and a chain explosion of water erupts behind her, following the heroine as she struggles to escape to the right, utilizing Aster's tryke to the best of her ability.


Escape the blasts of water by riding Aster's tricycle across a strange obstacle course, eventually returning it to him at the far right side of the area.


There is only one area in the stage where Marina must follow an S-shaped course, briefly turning around. The rest of the time merely pushing C-RIght repeatedly to fire the jets while holding the tricycle object will garner the best results. When you finally get it back to King Aster, he cries: "Well done, Marina! Now I can ride my Tricycle again!!" It’s also possible to meet with King Aster without the Tricycle, but he will ask where his Tricycle is and will have to start back from the beginning and repeat the sequence.

Golden Gem:[]

The golden gem can be found at the very end of the stage, right before Marina meets King Aster awaiting his tricycle. It is possible to hit it while taking the final jump with the tryke, but if the gem is overshot for some reason, it is simple enough to stop using Marina's jets, dismount from the tricycle, and walk backwards to where the gem floats in plain sight. She would have to grab it quickly before the wave of water destroys it and she must start over.