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Cat Clancer is a character in Mischief Makers, first appearing as an antagonist, but later becoming a protagonist. It makes only two appearances throughout the entire game-- in Cat-astrophe!! and CERBERUS α.



Cat Clancer.png

True to its name, Cat Clancer is a Clancer with the appearance of a small white cat with large ears and three black whiskers on each of its cheeks. It wears a red collar with a gold-colored bell on the front. Whether it's an adult cat or a kitten is unknown.


Out of all animal-based Clancers in the game, Cat Clancer shows the most emotion and personality, and is prone to crying when she is hurt. During its role as a miniboss, it has shown signs of sass and competitivity, but is obliging as an ally. Its post-Dodgeball dialogue in Cat-astrophe!! reveals that it is also fun-loving, as it enjoys riding on Lunar's missiles, much to Lunar's disfavor.

Role in the Storyline[]

Cat Clancer appears just after Marina Liteyears wins the Athletic Festival, of which Professor Theo is the grand prize. Everyone is expecting Theo to walk onscreen, but instead Cat Clancer, rather humorously, steps into frame. It informs the congregation that Lunar has kidnapped Theo again and is willing to assist Marina, but with a price; she must beforehand defeat it in a game of Dodgeball. Should the player succeed, Cat Clancer keeps its word and brings Marina to Lunar.

Skills and Techniques[]

Although self-proclaimed to be weak, Cat Clancer boasts great strength and agility. It is able to pick up and throw dodgeballs, as well as carry Marina on its back and still move freely with little to no effort. During the CERBERUS α battle, Cat Clancer can pull off a few unique moves;

Move Input Description
Fast Run → while running Cat Clancer runs faster as a method to move away from Lunar.
Low Run Can Clancer crouches while running.
Dive ↑ while jumping Cat Clancer will slowly descend to the ground after jumping
Skitter ↑ while running Cat Clancer runs in a hurried manner, but at the same speed as its normal run. This move is most likely just for show-- however, it can be used concurrently with Fast Run.


  • Much of the Mischief Makers fanbase believes that Cat Clancer is female due to the rather feminine traits in its appearance.
    • It could be possible that its ears are often mistaken for a hair bow.