Marina shaking down a Clanball to make a Wrap Star appear in the circle.

A Clanball is a floating object that Marina can grab hold of. She can shake the Clanball in any direction. There are many different types of clanballs.

Regular ClanballEdit

Just an average clanball where Marina can hold and jump on and off of. Shaking down can result in a item appearing such as a gem.


If you shake this clanball Ms.hint will give you a hint for ten Red Gems.


If you tap in the direction opposite of the clanball you can be launched real far.

Rotate ClanballEdit

If you push a shake ball on a perpendicular rope you can move it into a differnt area. If you shake it you can pull it out more to get a better jump disatnce.

Moving ClanballsEdit

if you shake in a certain direction the clanball will move in that direction providing that there is a rope there to countinue its path.


Clanballs with pointy spikes. Avoid these unless you can bounce on their heads using a Jump Clancer.