This is level 1:3, the third that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Planet Clancer region of Mischief Makers.

Opening:[edit | edit source]

The opening consists of a father and son who are listening to a advertisement by another man. The dad and son then go into the park.

Objective:[edit | edit source]

Marina must jump from clanballs and push and pull to find the Warp Star that leads to the Level Completion Star.

Walkthrough:[edit | edit source]

Add Walkthrough.

Golden Gem:[edit | edit source]

When you see a big rollercoster of 4 different clanballs grab the fast orange ball and shake it when you go over a red block. The Clanball releases a bomb that blow up the sqaures and reveals a hidden star. Grab it and you will appear in the hidden crevest that you could not reach before. The golden gem can now be quickly grabbed.

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