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Clancers are the natives from Clancer Planet. Their faces are very unique, which facial expression seems to be always affraid. Every creature in Clancer Planet shares that kind of face. Clancers aren't only the humanoid natives, they include also animal-like creatures and even items as blocks, the Clanpot and the Clanbomb.

It isn't much known about the Clancers, however it is noticeable how complex those creature are. The natives live in society and have peasants, families, a wizard, a king etc. In several aspects they share similarities with the way humans behave. Clancers seems to have few acess to advanced technoloogy in spite of they have amazing abilities as transformation and even magic.

Clancers aren't naturally evil, but some of them will attack Marina because they're under the control of Evil Emperor. Even the Clancers that manage to attack Marina won't be that trouble as they lack awesome combat abilites.