The Clancer family and Marina

The Clancer kids and their parents are encountered two times together. At first there are three and Marina has to bring them back to the mother at the house. (The father is enjoying a moment of solitude elsewhere.) The second time, in 7 Clancer Kids, there are seven, with the father making a joke about it. The first time, the three kids are just being stubborn about coming back home, but the second time, the seven are transformed by Calina, being each turned into either huge Clanpots which rain down rocks on Marina, Clanspikes, or a Clanball with rockets. The family was looking for King Aster and Celes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The youngest kid is named Sarie.
  • In the day before the Athletic Festival, a red Clancer Kid appears in the white team.
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