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This is stage 3-1, the first level in the Mt. Snow region, and the first snow area which Marina Liteyears encounters. It is the first stage to feature both the clanpot and the Jump Clancer.


Clanpot Shake opens with Marina simply standing at the beginning of the level. Before she is a friendly Clancer fellow wearing a red Santa Claus hat, who has a clanpot beside him. "This brown pot is called a 'Clanpot,'" he says. "You can use it to store anything you want. To store an item, release it on top of the pot. To take an item out, stand on top of the pot."


Using the clanpot is essential to this level. Marina must combine and use the items dropped from the clanballs, particularly the grenades. The clanbomb she makes will destroy a large barrier of red blocks. Afterward, she will use a Jump Clancer to bounce across several spike balls and reach the exit warpstar on the far right side of the stage.

The Golden Gem[]

An orange clanball at the start of the stage contains six blue gems. These must be caught by the clanpot and combined into a green gem. Another orange clanball later in the area also has six blue gems, which can be combined. The resulting two green gems can then be mixed into the golden gem.