This is level 1:8, the eighth stage that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Planet Clancer region of Mischief Makers.

Opening:[edit | edit source]

Teran, a fighter clancer, and Geold are conversing on top of the Clancer Treasure about Celes' capture. All of the sudden a small clancer kid comes an warns Geold of the surrounding threat. Strange Spur Clancers are coming! The fighter clancer tells him to take all the other kids to a safe area. After he leaves the Spur Clancers appear. They say they are going to take the treasure but Geold won't let that happen. The oldest Spur Clancer then tells Geold he has lived long enough and kills him. Marina then dashes onto the scene where she tells Teran that Celes is saftely back home.

Objective:[edit | edit source]

Defeat all Strange Spur Clancers!

Walkthrough:[edit | edit source]

Add walkthrough.

Golden Gem:[edit | edit source]

Defeat the several waves of foes with neither Teran nor Marina's other clancer ally taking so much damage that they collapse into tears and all four of the gems encased below the battle will be released. The one on the far right will be the golden gem.

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