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This is stage 5 - 8, the final boss to be fought by Marina Liteyears and the last level in the Imperial HQ region of Mischief Makers.


Lunar: Through fire, justice is served!
Merco: A hero in shining armor is called!
Tarus: To punish evil forces, I have been charged!


Defeat THE Beastector.


Lunar, Tarus, and Merco's, machines, CERBERUS α, SASQUATCH β, and PHOENIX γ, combine to create a giant robot.

The fight starts with the robot coming in from the background. It has a few different attacks, and the method of attacking it is unorthodox.

It can stand in front of you, boosting left or right, to keep this position, and try to stomp on you, with either of its feet. When it does this, you can grab its foot and do one of two things: shake it, smashing it against the ground, or toss it into the background. Shaking it gives you gems, but to win, throw it into the background.

If it tries to stomp you again, repeat until it either shoots its fist at you, or shoots at you with a laser, or shoots its gun. If it uses its laser from the background, move around the screen, and try to avoid it, because it can inflict a large amount of damage. If it shoots its gun, you can either dodge it, or grab the shots and collect gems.

If it shoots its fist, grab it, and you'll enter a new view, where you are aiming at it with a crosshair. You'll throw the fist where the crosshair is, so try to hit the robot with it. Hit it a few times, and it'll go down.

Golden Gem:[]

This is another boss stage where you get the Gold Gem upon defeating the boss without taking damage.. Despite being the final boss, obtaining the Gold Gem during this match doesn't compare to PHOENIX γ or CERBERUS α.