Mischief Makers Wiki

Gems are major items appearing in every level of Mischief Makers. They come in four different colors and each color has a different effect upon collecting it.


Blue Gems - The most common Gem seen throughout the game. It heals 1/33rd of Marina's health bar. Mixing six of these in a Clanpot creates a Green Gem.

Red Gems - The second most common Gem. They are used for collecting and spending when Marina gets a Game Over (10 to restore one health bar, 30 to restore two, or 100 to restore all three), or to give to Ms. Hint for her hints and advice (10 for every shake).

Green Gems - Another healing type Gem. It cures roughly 1/3 of Marina's health. Mixing two of these in a Clanpot creates a Gold Gem (Clanpot Shake only).

Gold Gem - The rarest Gem. These can only be found and collected upon performing special tasks or reaching secret areas. The main purpose of these gems is to show more footage of the Surprise Ending. There are 53 Gold Gems in total.