Mischief Makers Wiki

This is stage 4-7, the seventh level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Aster's Lair region.


The opening begins with Marina being transported inside Aster's cave to King Aster himself. He noticed how 13 ghosts have seem to have been disrupted from their eternal slumber. He asks Marina if she could collect them in the pot.


Catch all 13 ghosts and put the pot and return to King Aster!


The 13 ghosts are scattered throughout the level - some are easier to spot/collect then others. Some require destroying a statue/gravestone, others use fire spells to protect themselves from capture, and one ghost even goes as far as concealing itself until Marina knocks out all 4 of the Spike Balls. Marina must use the pot to capture the ghosts.

Golden Gem:[]

The golden gem is hidden at the end of the level, within the three statues under the the pair of firecasting ghosts. Grab a bomb from the cylinder near the start of the level and quickly make your way to the statues before it explodes. Blow up the statues to obtain the gem.