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This is stage 3-5 in Mischief Makers: the fifth area Marina Liteyears goes through in the Mt. Snow region. Marzen 64 is the Clancer weilding a large robot who serves as the stage's boss.


Marina begins simply standing at the beginning of the stage. Four jetpack Clancers quickly appear before her, setting the tone for a stage where jetpack Clancers and Clancers in machines are the main obstacle.


Marina must traverse from left to right across two areas, and then fight a midboss in the third. The first area involves evading or destroying several jetpack Clancers, one in a pod, and one with ninja stars. There is also a Clanpot which can be used to mix objects. The second area has an open abyss with several floating blocks above it. Marina must hop from one to another to reach the warpstar in the lower, right corner. The third area has Marzen 64 driving a large robot and followed by many regular Clancers. Once he is defeated Marina has "escaped from trouble!!" and can "go to the next area!!"

Golden Gem:[]

The clanpot in the second area is key to getting this gem. First Marina has to shake a white clanball, which triggers a clanbomb to fall further right. Quickly, she must grab it before it hits the ground, and then carry it over to where the clanpot can be seen encased in red blocks. After beginning a chain detonation of blocks using the clanbomb, she has to grab the clanpot before it falls, and then shake its contents, three green Clancers with missiles, to combine them into a giant jetpack Clancer. This giant Clancer can be ridden, and the golden gem will be floating high up in the stage amidst a field of other gems.