Mischief Makers Wiki

This is stage 2-4, the fourth level in the Migen's Shrine region.


Marina has just entered a fiery area with bricks exploding and collapsing behind her and if she's not careful, she could fall into the lava.


Avoid falling into the lava due to the bricks exploding and collapsing behind you to reach the goal! Falling into the lava not only causes damage, but also resets the level, but not the time spent on it. Whether or not you use the first Warp Star to get to the next part of the map, you have to wait before you begin the second phase. Once you reach the second Warp Star, you'll reach the Level Completion Star underneath.

Golden Gem:[]

You have to be fast to get this one. It may take a few tries. Lots of slide jumping to get around.

Go as fast as you can to the first red star and jump into it ( If the miner under the star just started running to the right, you are making good time ). After teleporting, run over and slide jump over the cylinder wall and dash to the white clanball and pull down on it before ground breaks. Go back through the tunnel and over the wall and continue rushing on. After you teleport through the second star, dash over to the white clanball there and pull down on it to claim your prize!