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The Imperial HQ is the fifth and final region that Marina travels through in Mischief Makers. It contains ten stages, including the Credits and the Ending.


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These are the stages of the Imperial HQ region.



5-1: Clance War II Battle your way through an army of evil Clancers.
5-2: Counterattack Engage with the military leader and his robot while riding an ostrich.
5-3: Bee's the one! Team up with an old foe, Flambéé and make your way through missiles and Jetpack Clancers.
5-4: MERCO!! Engage in a dual with Merco of The Beastector.
5-5: Trapped!? Make your way through difficult puzzles and fight with an evil pirate.
5-6: PHOENIX γ An aerial rematch with Merco, who now rides a flying drill; the PHOENIX Gamma.
5-7: Inner Struggle Marina faces off against Emperor Leo in a decisive battle to save Prof. Theo and the universe once and for all.
5-8: Final Battle With a giant robot assembled by Lunar, Tarus, and Merco using their own machines, Marina must fight the robot to secure her victory.
5-9: Ending King Aster returns home, Celes (Ondine), becomes the new Queen, Teran is appointed as her permanent bodyguard, and Marina and Theo leave the planet. Geold has something in mind regarding the Beastector trio and Marina.
5-10: Credits The Staff Credits name all the people who have helped create Mischief Makers; A longer version of the Ending credits.