Merco and Marina combatting in MERCO!!

This is stage 5:4, the fourth stage that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Imperial HQ region of Mischief Makers.

Opening:[edit | edit source]

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Objective:[edit | edit source]

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Walkthrough:[edit | edit source]

It's time for another one of these guys. This time you face Merco, a bird-man hybrid. At the start of the fight, he'll mainly try to thrust his sword at you. You can either grab him, and stal his shield, or grab th sword, when it's extended. Once you have either, you can throw it at him to hurt him. If Merco has only his shield, he tends to use tactics, like bosting, and charging across the area. If he has his sword, however, he takes the offensive, and can be pretty dangerous. He'll slash at you mostly, but he has one combo, where hge'll keep thrusting, and it can do some damage. If he has no items, he'll also charge. Also, note, that Merco can "summon" his items back into his hand. Keep throwing things at him though, and soon enough he'll fall.

Golden Gem:[edit | edit source]

To get the golden gem in this level, just grab Merco's lance, and give it a shake. As with all other major boss levels, you must avoid taking damage to accomplish this.

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