This is stage 1:2, the second level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Planet Clancer region of Mischief Makers.


Marina dashes onto the scene and meets a cosplay of herself named Calina. She tells Marina that not only does she look like her but she also has all of her techniques down! It seems she has been causing havoc.


You must reach the Level Completion Star at the end of the level. All of the citizens in that level have been tortured by Calina and are afraid of you. They also tell you how to shake and slide dash.


As you begin, walk through the first house, and boost over the second one. Jump up onto the green blocks, and walk until you see large amounts of fire. Do a boost, and a dash to cross them.

Walk over the house, and drop down. There's a little sparkle showing you where you can "dig". Grab it, to get some red gems, then go over the two trees ahead, and grab the star in the house. In the next screen, go right until you see a cross made out of red blocks. Boost to a platform on either side of it, and jump onto the cross itself. From here jump to the platform on the top, left-hand side of the screen. Grab the exit star to finish.

Golden Gem:

In the first screen, on the green blocks, right before you reach the fire, there's a platform made up of purple blocks above, at the end of the green ones. Boost up, and to the right to reach it, where the golden gem is.

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