Actually titled "Go Go!! Trouble Makers Original Soundtrack," this collection of background music (BGM) and vocal tracks inspired by the game was never released in the United States or Europe, and thus retained the original Japanese title for Mischief Makers: Yuke Yuke!! Trouble Makers. Published by TDK, the CD was released on May 21st, 1997 for a price of 2500 Japanese yen. Vocals were provided by Masami Suzuki, Marinas Japanese voice-actress, also notable as the voice of Amelia in the Slayers series and as Aisa in Shonen Jump's One Piece. Each track's title is an all-caps English word or phrase, followed by a small description in Japanese (translated in the chart below). An additional CD was released separately featuring just the opening and ending theme songs.





01 "ESPERANCE" (From Main BGM) 4:19
02 "ADIEUX" (From End BGM) ~Orchestra Arrange Version~ 3:08
03 OPENING TITLE (Theme of trouble makers) 1:16
04 STEPPIN ~Journey of Endless Adventure~ (Select BGM) 1:27
05 TO1 ~Nendoro and Nakame's Adventure~ (Demo BGM1) 1:42
06 ESPERANCE ~Love, Hope, and a Brave Spirit~ (Main BGM1) 1:54
07 HURRY! ~Die Die! Marina~ (Main BGM2) 1:51
08 LIKE A WIND ~Like a Wind~ (Main BGM4) 2:17
09 VOLCANIC ~Hot! Hot! Inside the Volcano~ (the 2nd Capture BGM) 2:05
10 MARINA ~Marina, Nugget~ (Main BGM5) 1:36
11 OUT!! ~Get Out!!~ (MIDBOSS BGM) 2:07
12 NEO ~Nendoro of Kochikochi Mountain~ (the 3rd Capture BGM) 2:25
13 BROKEN ~My Pleasure! Large Athletic Meet~ (Bonus BGM) 1:00
14 A CAVE ~Escape From Gorogoro Cliff~ (the 4th Capture BGM1) 2:08
15 WOODS ~Chappi and Chapiko~ (Main BGM6) 1:41
16 GLOOMY ~They're In the Cave With a Tricycle~ (the 4th Capture BGM2) 2:33
17 OBAKESONG ~King Babu and Aunt Nendoro~ (the 4th Capture BGM3) 1:50
18 LETHE ~Marina and Gumble~ (Demo BGM2) 1:26
19 REVENGE ~On a Battleship~ (the 5th Capture BGM) 1:47
20 BONO ~Run Toward the Highway~ (Main BGM7) 1:06
21 GIMMICK ~Take Care of a Trap~ (Main BGM8) 1:52
22 INF ~Emperor's Waking~ (Demo BGM3) 0:55
23 POSITION ~Next Trial - Emperor's Ambition~ (Main BGM3) 1:39
24 YUJYA!! ~Hero Beastector~ (The Brave Mens BGM) 1:01
25 BOSS ~vs Gesura Parent and Child and Three Leaders~ (BOSS BGM) 1:52
26 CONTI ~Continue Playing!~ (Continue BGM) 1:07
27 FIGHT! ~Last Battle vs God Beastector~ (The Last BOSS BGM) 1:30
28 GET! ~Catch the Gate!~ (Get the Key Item BGM) 0:07
29 STCLR ~Kyahho! Clear!!~ 0:11
30 FANFARE1 0:10
31 FANFARE2 0:11
32 CLEAR ~Bright Cheerful Invincible Battle Robomaid, Marina-tsu!~ (Demo Clear BGM) 0:08
33 INT ~Please Don't Stay Any Longer~ (the Capture Clear BGM) 0:06
34 END TITLE ~determination~ (staff~End title BGM) 3:35
35 ADIEUX (End BGM) 2:53
36 Trouble Maker (From OPENING Theme) 5:08
37 determination ~I Think I'll Grow Up~ (From ENDING Theme) 3:48
38 ORIGINAL EFFECTS by S.Murata 3:22

Additional Information:Edit

Catalog Number: TDCM-0001

Publish Format: Commercial

Composed by: NON, Kazuo Hanzawa

Arranged by: NON