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Mt. Snow is the third region and set of stages in Mischief Makers. With twelve stages, Mt. Snow has more than any other area.


The stage begins with introduction of The Beastector: Lunar, Tarus, and Merco, being briefed on "evil Professor Theo and Marina" by Leo. Lunar, however, grows passionately enraged and decides to completely destroy Marina instead of simply bringing her back alive. He then disrupts a group of Clancers planning for an Athletic Festival and tells them that this year's prize will be Professor Theo. Marina shall also be invited.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Marina discovers that the Theo she was engaged in conversation with was a decoy, and that Lunar has kidnapped the real Theo.

Area Themes and Elements:[]

Each stage within the Mt. Snow region is covered with snow. Gameplay in these stages revolves around the Clanpot, the Athletic Festival and its events, and fighting Lunar.


These are the stages of the Mt. Snow area.



3-1: Clanpot Shake Marina is introduced to the clanpot and Jump Clancer.
3-2: Clance War A variety of enemies, many flying, and a mid-boss block Marina's passage.
3-3: Missile Surf!! Marina surfs through an obstacles and enemies on a giant missile.
3-4: Clanball Lift! Several sets of clanballs traveling on lines provide Marina passage.
3-5: Go Marzen 64 Several enemies block Marina, and she fights Marzen 64.
3-6: Chilly Dog!! A strage dachshund of ice attacks Marina.
3-7: Snowstorm Maze Three areas require Marina to restart from the beginning if you make a mistake.
3-8: LUNAR!! Marina stands off against Lunar of the Beastector.
3-9: The Day Before There are preparations and practice for the Athletic Festival.
3-10: The Day Of Marina engages in seven events for the white team at the Athletic Festival.
3-11: Cat-astrophe!! Cat Clancer challenges Marina to a game of dodge ball.
3-12: CERBERUS α Riding Cat Clancer, Marina again fights Lunar who now rides Cerberus α.