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This is the first region that Marina Liteyears encounters during her many adventures in Mischief Makers.


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Area Themes and Elements:[]

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These are the stages of the Planet Clancer area.



1-1: Meet Marina!! Marina is first introduced and her basic moves explored.
1-2: Meet Calina!! Calina is first introduced, and Marina further displays her skills.
1-3: Clanball Land Marina goes through an amusement park where she must grab and shake.
1-4: Spike Land Many spikeballs block Marina's path.
1-5: 3 Clancer Kids Three young Clancers refuse to return for dinner until Marina gathers them up.
1-6: Blockman Rises The young Teran transforms into the giant Blockman.
1-7: Wormin' Up!! A giant worm mid-boss threatens Celes.
1-8: Crisis: Nepton A gang of Clancers attack Marina and Teran.
1-9: Western World Marina fights against several Clancers with guns.
1-10: Volcano!! Falling spike balls threaten Marina in a dangerous terrain.