Sasquatch β (Sasquatch Beta) is Stage 4-11, the eleventh and final level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Aster's Lair region.


Add opening.


Defeat Tarus and his Sasquatch β.


When the level begins, Tarus will be taking control of the Sasquatch, which will first take the form of a tank. Tarus will start throwing boulders at Marina. These can be caught and thrown back, but they must hit Tarus himself to do any damage. Eventually the Sasquatch's cannon will begin to charge. This is your cue to grab the end of the barrel and quickly shake upwards so it fires straight up into the air; the bullet will fall on Tarus, dealing massive damage. After enough damage is done, Tarus uses his Beast Change and the Sasquatch takes its true form of a robotic gorilla, beginning the second phase of the battle.

In this phase, the Sasquatch is now on two legs and will try to kick Marina when she approaches him. When it does so, grab it's leg and shake right to throw Tarus off the machine. With Tarus on the ground, shake up to flip the Sasquatch upside down, then quickly shake down to smash it into him. Repeat this 3 more times to win the battle.

Golden Gem:

Beat the level without taking any damage.

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