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This is the fourth level in the game.

Spikeball land.jpg


A Father and Son are being introduced to Spikeball Land and they do not like it so they leave.


Find the Level Completion Star

Walk through:[]

When you begin, boost over the house, and drop onto the ground on the other side. Head forward, and jump on the blue blocks, avoiding the lasers that the spiked clanballs shoot.Jump from the blue blocks to the hill, and continue forward.

There's a circle of spiked clan balls moving around, jump in through the gap, and get out on the other side with the same method. Jump up to the ledge with the clancer on it, and then onto the white clanball; Give it a "shake-shake" to make a blue one appear.

Grab the blue one, and push off of it, and grab "Ms. Hint". Now jump to the green blocks. There are 4 spiked clan balls, coming in and out of the background. When they are in the background, quickly dash across.

Keep going left, until you reach a gap. Boost over it, and roll under the green spiked ball. The exit star is in plain sight after that.

Golden Gem:[]

Right after the first three spikeballs that shoot lasers at you, there is a hill. Boost up, and to the right of this hill, to get in an alcove made of green blocks. Watch out for the spike balls here, and grab the yellow gem.