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This is stage 4-6, the sixth level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Aster's Lair region.


The level begins with a confrontation between Tarus and Marina over the kidnapping of Professor Theo. After some barbs are exchanged and the fourth wall is broken, the fight commences.


Defeat Tarus.


Tarus has several moves that he will use with varying frequency. Both of his punch attacks can be grabbed and used to throw him forward for damage. Crouching during either of these attacks will cause him to miss, giving you a small window to grab his fist. Getting too close will cause him to grab you and throw you against a wall.

His slow jump attack will send rocks falling to the ground, as well as damaging Marina if she is too close to where he lands. The rocks can be grabbed and thrown to inflict damage. Use boosting and jumping to your advantage to dodge his attacks and the falling rocks when necessary. After dealing enough damage, Tarus will be defeated.

Alternate Strategy:[]

A quick-kill method exists for this boss that, while tricky to pull off, could potentially win the fight in a matter of seconds.

When Tarus uses his jump attack that sends rocks falling from the ceiling, grab one of the larger boulders and back away to avoid taking damage. Quickly toss the boulder up into the air and catch it before it hits the ground, then throw it at Tarus. If he does not block it, the rock will hit him and he will be instantly defeated. Throwing the rock while he is in the middle of a jump or attack will ensure that he won't block it.

Golden Gem:[]

When Tarus throws his wind-up punch, grab his fist and hurl him behind you. If he hits the cave wall, he'll drop the Gold Gem. You must avoid taking damage to accomplish this.