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Tac Clancer is a minor antagonist in Mischief Makers.



Tac Clancer is a black and grey colored adult male Clancer, wearing a black top hat with a red stripe covering the base of the hat's cylindrical structure.


Tac is a con artist and a mercenary businessman. He often puts on a friendly front to get on other Clancers' good side and bears no qualms about making money at the expense of others' well-being. His loyalty to the Evil Empire is debatable.


Tac Clancer first appears in Meet Calina!!, attempting to sell a Clanbomb to Calina whom he, like other Clancers, mistakes for Marina Liteyears. (Marina cannot actually buy the bomb from him.) He also greets the father and son Clancers at the gates of Clanball Land and Spike Land. Later, the day before the Athletic Festival, he is a hotelier renting overpriced rooms of atrocious quality to some unsuspecting Clancers. After talking to Marina, they each realize that they have been conned before they go to give Tac a piece of their minds. He also hosts the Athletic Festival and referees the Dodgeball match between Marina and Cat Clancer.


  • Tac's first name is "cat" spelled backwards. Whether this is hinting towards any ties between him and Cat Clancer, meant to be a corruption of Cat Clancer's name, or merely a coincidence has yet to be confirmed.