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"There is Blockman blood running through my body. It's the blood of heroes!!"

Teran is the deuteragonist of Mischief Makers. He is the alleged older brother of Ondine, who he originally knew as Celes, and is the mighty warrior known as Blockman.




Teran is a short, young Clancer with a white and grey color scheme and short brown spiked hair. He dons a yellow baseball cap turned sideways with a red letter "N" printed on it, which stands for Nendoro(ねんどろ), the Japanese name for Clancer.


Teran may be small in stature, but he is a powerful ally and a loyal friend. He has a close sibling-like relationship with Ondine, and is is protective of her above all else. There is also minor hinting that he harbors a crush on Marina Liteyears; specifically, from Sarie's dialogue in 7 Clancer Kids.

Skills and Techniques[]

Teran is shown to be an adept melee combatant. As a playable character, Teran is revealed to have several default Clancer techniques, as well as a few unique techniques, such as the Triple Jump and the Final Uppercut.

Teran transformed into Blockman, piloted by Marina in Blockman Rises.

As shown only in Blockman Rises, Teran also has the ability to morph into a titan known as Blockman, a creature composed of Clanblocks for limbs and a torso, Spikes for hands, and a Clanball for a head. In this form, his strength is frighteningly amplified, as he can destroy glowing Clanblocks upon mere contact.



As Teran[]

Move Input Description
Jab B Teran throws quick punches. The move is continuous for as long as the A button is tapped.
Slide Kick ↓ + B Teran leans back and slides forward, striking enemies from below with a kick that can trip them up.
Block Teran crouches and holds his arms up in front of him, defending himself from incoming attacks. Chip damage may still occur.
Final Uppercut ↑ + B Teran ascends straight up from the ground and delivers a deadly rising punch which ignites enemies into flames and can inflict heavy damage.
Triple Jump A up to three consecutive times while in midair After jumping from the ground, Teran can execute three midair jumps and elevate himself to incredible heights.

As Blockman[]

Move Input Description
Move ←← or →→
C← or C→
Teran quickly lunges forward or backward.
Flail ↑↑ or C↑ Teran swings his arms upward, attacking anything within range.
Split ↓↓ or C↓ Teran lowers himself to the ground by doing a split.
Split Attack ↓↓ or C↓ during Split Teran will quickly extend his arms and legs slightly and attack anything within range.
Stand ↑↑ or C↑ during Split Teran will exit his Split state and stand back up.