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The Day of is one of the last levels of Mt. Snow. Many Clancers have been training long and hard to have a shot of winning gold at this triathlon! Marina, unfortunately, has fallen smack-dab into the middle of the fray. When the prize is announced, the Clancers seem upset that it's not a good prize, but it's just exactly what Marina needs - Professor Theo! The White team has recruited Marina in their ranks, to help them win this festival of athletic ability. Marina will need to use her math skills, jumping skills, and dashing skills, in order to bring glory to the White team, and win back her beloved Professor!


Score more points than the Red team at the end of all events.


Golden Gem:[]

In order to get the Gold Gem, Marina has to beat the 100m Dash in under eleven seconds. This is one of the harder Gold Gems to acquire, and the key to success lies in good timing at the start of the race. Even rapidly pressing the D-pad rather than the C-buttons, which is a necessity, Marina tops out at a max speed, and so predicting the start of the race rather than reacting can make up the extra milliseconds needed for the gem. Marina must start running precisely when "Go" appears. Fortunately, the event allows three false starts in which to practice timing.