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This is stage 4-2, the second level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Aster's Lair region.


Marina must defeat the toad in order to progress. Its tounge can grab Marina and allow it to chew her. If you grab it first, you can then shake the toad and beat it into the ground. Once it has taken enough damage, it will summon a "thunder god" Clancer to throw lightning bolts at you. You can grab one of these bolts and throw it back at the toad, killing it and getting a gold gem(see below) or a green gem if you already have its gem.

Golden Gem:[]

When fighting the Toad long enough, he will give an evil laugh and summon a cloud with the small dancing Clancer on it. When the cloud shoots its lightning downward, Marina must catch it, wait until it reaches full size, then throw it at the Toad. The Toad will be killed and drop the golden gem.

Note: He sometimes won't summon the Clancer depending on how you damage him, a way for him to always summon the Clancer is to shake the Toad as much as possible and to not damage him in any other way.


  • In the Japanese version, the toad will taunt Marina while it summons the "thunder god" Clancer.