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This is stage 5-5, the fifth level that Marina Liteyears travels through in the Imperial HQ region.


Marina explore the level to defeat Merco, save Theo and defeat the Wizard Leon to erase the evil impere. The General Clancer return to destroy marina after of your defeat in the Mt. Snow in the level Clancer War. The last mini boss what is one Cllancer is the Captain Smokeng.


Complete the mission to disable the Impere of Evil. But the Impere of Evil isen't erased after what complete the mission.


Add walkthrough.

Golden Gem:[]

In the first building (the one with the puzzle), solve the puzzle as normal so you can reach the door (don't go through it though), but then blow up the blocks that the bombs spawn over(in the normal puzzle you put a statue on these) and go into the star in them, shake the Clanball where you were teleported which makes another clanball, go through the star and shake the new Clanball which spawns another Clanball next to the first one, go back through the star that was blocked by the red blocks as previously done and shake the new Clanball. This Clanball is the one containing the gold gem.