The tricycle is one of many objects which Marina Liteyears can pick up in Mischief Makers. In appearance it is a blue, three-wheeled children's vehicle. It has a yellow seat, black handlebars, black wheels with white spokes, and an inoperable front headlight. It is approximately 50% as tall as Marina. While Teran and, presumably, other Clancers use the traditional pedals to operate the tricycle, Marina instead uses her thrusters to make the tricycle move extraordinarily fast.

Tricycle Appearances:Edit



3-7: Snowstorm Maze The tricycle must be placed in an open box to mirror a second tricycle.
4-4: Rescue! Act 1 Teran makes use of the tricycle to perform a jump as he tries to save Marina.
4-8: Aster's Tryke! Marina must bring the eccentric King Aster his tricycle, despite peril.