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Trouble Maker is a CD single released in Japan May 21st of 1997, it includes 2 vocal and instrumental tracks of the Mischief Makers opening and ending theme, both sung by Marinas Japanese voice-actress Masami Suzuki. The vocal tracks are the same ones featured in the games official soundtrack.

Tracklist Title Rōmaji Note
1 Trouble Makers Opening Theme.
2 determination~大人になろうとおもう~ determination~otona ni narō to omō~ Ending Theme.

Japanese text roughly translates to ``Thinking of becoming an adult``

3 Trouble Maker(カラオケ) Trouble Maker(Karaoke) Instrumental version of the first track.
4 determination~大人になろうとおもう~(カラオケ) determination~otona ni narō to omō~(Karaoke) Instrumental version of the second track.